Summerville Gathering which was held on 15 November 2014 aims to help our tenants to know each other better. This is an annual event held in the garden area and specially designed for tenants, their families and their friends.
More than to enhancing the relationship between tenants, Summerville Apartments also want to introduce the variety of Indonesian culture to our tenants who are mostly foreigners.
In accordance with the objectives of this event, a different theme is chosen each year. In 2013, the theme was Betawi culture while in 2014, the theme was Manado culture. Various Manado culture were shown from music through Manado traditional songs; dance through Maengket dance and Lenso dance; food through Red Snapper Soup, Cakalang Fried Rice, Sauteed Papaya Flowers, Panada, Lalampa and Cocoya ice; also used the traditional house of Manado as the stage's background.