Held annually, this year Summerville Tenant Gathering chose the culture of Aceh as the theme. With traditional Aceh home decor called Kong Bade on the stage, made the atmosphere as if the event was held in Aceh. This event was held on November 26, 2016 in the garden area of Summerville Apartment and attended by all tenants of Summerville Apartment.

The tenants were greeted friendly and were asked for a group picture by the Tenancy Staff who wore Aceh traditional clothes when they came to the event place. The event was officially opened with a warm greeting from Mr. Stefanus Astayasa as General Manager and special performance from management staff. Approximately 40 tenants seemed elated to follow the rundown of specially prepared event for them. Wide varieties of Aceh cultures had been prepared to entertain the tenants, starting from songs and dances traditionally from Aceh also the favorite meal called Mie Aceh and Ade cake. All Tenants did not hesitate to try it and they look satisfied with the event which held from 7 PM until 10 PM.

According Suwanda, Tenancy of Summerville Apartment, the purpose of Tenant Gathering was to strengthen the sense of family among each other as well as so the tenant were able to know each other better. "Tenant Gathering has been regularly held every year, and we aim to strengthen the relationship of fellow tenants and all Summerville staff, because we are a family here” he explained.